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Sulawesian sailors began to blend the indigenous tanja rig with the fore-and-aft rig of Western ships passing through the archipelago in the 19th century. Pinisi evolved from a front-and-aft rigged foundation hull of Padewakang to its own hull model with a native "pinisi rig." Indonesian sailors and shipbuilders altered some aspects of the original western schooner during these evolutionary decades. The first Sulawesian pinisi was supposed to have been created in 1906 by Ara and Lemo-Lemo shipbuilders, who built the first penisiq [sic] for a Bira skipper. This ship miniature wooden craft is suitable for gifts, birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, souvenirs, home decorations, collections, etc. Because we made it very unique and cool for you.

How to make it :

Before making this ship we designed the body of the ship, and set the sail size to be more precise. After that we started to make it meticulously. Ffter the parts of the ship are finished, we assemble them using wood glue. The final step is to tie the nylon thread to the boat. Be a beautiful and unique ship different from the others. everything we do manually by hand.

Spesification :

Size            : 25 x 20 x 7 cm

Weight        : 150 gr

Materials    : wood, fabric, nylon thread, spray paint, varnish gloss, textile

Price And Shipping:

FOB Price: US$ 12.00

MOQ        : 500 Pcs

Shipping    : For shipping we use a 20" container for product safety to your country. Sample product is free for you but tax and shipping costs are shouldered by the buyer

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