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The Black Pearl was originally a merchant ship named Wicked Wench (the name of the ship from Disneyland Park's Pirates of the Caribbean attraction, which is shown shelling a fort), but its crew later turned to piracy under the command of a pirate captain named Morgan, who was killed during a battle with Spanish Royal Navy Captain Armando Salazar. After outmaneuvering Salazar and saving the crew during battle, the Wicked Wench's helmsman, Jack Sparrow, was given command. Jack Sparrow was working for the East India Trading Company at the time, and he reclaimed command of the Wicked Wench (this is accurate, as pirates did not build ships particularly for piracy). This ship miniature wooden craft is suitable for gifts, birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, souvenirs, home decorations, collections, etc. Because we made it very unique and cool for you.

How to make it :

before making this ship, we designed it first and adapted it to the bottle, after that we made the material for the sails, the hull and others. after the components of the ship have been made, we assemble the ship parts in the bottle one by one using chopsticks, so that the ship parts are installed perfectly. after that we roped the boat with nylon thread and created a high art that is different from other boats.

Spesification :

Size            : 19 x 11 x 8 cm 

Weight        : 450 gr

Materials    : wood, fabric, nylon thread, spray paint, varnish gloss, textile

Price And Shipping:

FOB Price: US$ 12.00

MOQ        : 500 Pcs

Shipping    : For shipping we use a 20" container for product safety to your country. Sample product is free for you but tax and shipping costs are shouldered by the buyer

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